You’ve decided to move. You’ve found the perfect place, you have a contract on your current home and now it’s time to make plans to actually move. How exciting! Truth be told, a better word to describe how most people feel at this point is overwhelmed.  A good Agent will help make this whole process much easier!

From experience, your Agent will be able to recommend the best people to help you every step of the way, from sorting to packing to moving. Information about where to donate unwanted items, who will pick them up? Who will do needed repairs in a timely way? Who will help me decide what goes and what stays? Where should I store things?

A good Agent also prepares a “TO DO” list that reminds you of things you must do to stop services at your present home and begin them at your new home.

What if I want to paint before I move in, is that possible? Or have new floors put in or other construction work? Normally you may not do any work to the new home until you take possession. Your attorney will most likely tell you that and the attorney representing the Buyer will strongly advise that nothing happens prior to closing. So now what? There are several possible scenarios. The best one, if you are financially able, is to close on the new home two weeks prior to closing on the old home. When you are very careful about scheduling, you can have major items like new floors and painting done prior to your move-in date.

If this is not possible and the funds from the sale of one property are needed to close on the other, then careful planning needs to be done. Don’t move anything you don’t need to.  If you are planning on having work done in the new house then perhaps it makes sense to get new furniture after that work is done. Compare the cost of moving your furniture to leave it. Moving it can mean first moving it into storage – in addition to the cost of the storage unit, you will pay a mover twice – once to move it out of your current home and then again when you’re ready for it in the new home.

Careful planning makes all of the difference. A good Agent will start the discussion and pose questions that will cause you to consider several possibilities way in advance so when the time comes, you’ve made sensible plans. Moving is stressful even when you’re moving to the home of your dreams, the process can be streamlined and go very smoothly when all of the right preparations have been made.


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