Buying property in SW Florida is unfortunately not as simple as one may think. Why is that?

It is because there are numerous gated communities all of which contain several neighborhoods – and each of these has their own set of rules and fees. You could find a condo that you just love and then find out that it is located in a Community Development District – which has its own fees – plus there is a Master Association (money paid to the Community) and there is are condo association dues (monies paid to the neighborhood Association). There are some communities that, once you add up all the fees, you are paying over $1000 a month and that does not include taxes. So it is very important you know everything about the area you are looking in first.

Another important point you should be aware of are the golf course communities. There are equity, non-equity, bundled and public golf communities. The life style you want, the location and type of golf course or country club is your choice, but if you purchase a property in a bundled golf community you will likely be required to pay dues for the golf membership. This is a great value for a golfer but not someone that might not be in a position to pay all those fees.

The Golf choices vary in price and selection. We have attached membership brochures of some of the best golf courses in Naples/Bonita Springs area which provide you with detailed information on the courses and the respective fees to join the Club. In some cases one chooses to live in one community and join the Club in another; this is possible most of the time but not always. As you become more acquainted with the various offerings we understand you will have many questions and we look forward to having the opportunity to better educate you on this wonderful area we are fortunate enough to call home.

We know this area very, very well and can answer all of your questions. We are a resource that can streamline your search and save you lots of time.